Vision and Mission Statement

Raahe Aseman NGO

Vision Statement

According to its unfaltering policy, Rah-e-Aseman, as a nationally renowned NGO

Rahe Aseman NGO

Mission Statement

Rahe Aseman is an NGO acting in social milieu, which strives to offer comprehensive health care services concerning cancer.

Relying on Divine blessings and using advanced technology, Rah-e-Aseman seeks to offer, throughout Semnan province and I.R. Iran, comprehensive high-quality health care services concerning prevention and early diagnosis of cancer, as well as treatment and rehabilitation of patients with cancer to the satisfaction of service recipients and stakeholders.

By means of utilizing the benevolent attitudes of people and the capabilities of specialists, and also through cooperation with national and international NGOs, the Institute takes measures, in accordance with scientific and research standards, to prevent and diagnose cancer cases in early stages, and moreover, to treat and support patients with cancer.

Rah-e-Aseman is to work on empowering people and promoting happy and healthy lifestyles and eliminating the causes of cancer.


the Institute attempts, with due respect to human dignity, to provide a decent environment for its members and to run one of the comprehensive cancer control centers nationwide.