Formation of Rahe Aseman Charity Foundation



Concluding a 3-year memorandum of understanding with Semnan Welfare Organization

for providing comprehensive support to orphan and deprived adolescents (including their educational, training, livelihood needs) and empowering them

Setting up of the Social Services Committee

(Assistance & Social Work)



* Setting up of the Foundation's Strategic Committee

* The first meeting of Rahe Aseman’s philanthropists

The second meeting of health philanthropists

- in the presence of , Engineer Asghar Vosough, the founder of “Mehraneh Zanjan Charity Association”– with the purpose of attracting public participation in the construction of Rahe Aseman’s Nuclear Medicine Center



* Setting up of the Technical & Engineering Committee

* Setting up of the “Health Management” and the “Education & Prevention” Committees

* Concluding a contract with the German company Siemens for the purchase of nuclear medicine equipment

* inauguration of the Rahe Aseman’s Nuclear Medicine Center

* The third meeting of philanthropists in the presence of Ms. Saeedeh Quds, the founder of “Mahak Society to Support Children with Cancer”.



Completion of plans for the Hope and Health Complex (Comprehensive Cancer Combat Center)

Purchase of land for the Comprehensive Cancer Combat Center from the Roads & Urban Development Organization