Our Introduction

Introduction Of Rahe Aseman Foundation

Rahe Aseman Foundation
is a charity NGO registered in 2012

Rahe Aseman Foundation is a charity NGO registered in 2012 (reg.no.375) with an official permit from the State Welfare Organization of Iran.

Under its organizational structure and approved statutes, the Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees, which include 46 benevolent people and professionals in a variety of fields including medicine, management, technology and engineering, art, education and culture.

The Foundation is managed by seven members of the Board of Directors who are elected every three years by the Board of Trustees and the Managing Director elected by the Board of Directors.
All the services offered by the members of the Boards of Trustees & Directors and by the Managing Director are non-profit and voluntary.

the Foundation’s primary mission

Since 2016, in accordance with the specialized approach and policies adopted by the Board of Trustees and the decisions approved by the Foundation’s Strategic Development Department, launching a comprehensive fight against cancer and supporting the patients have been set as the Foundation’s primary mission.

Based on its unfaltering attitude and outlook,

the Foundation strives to provide high quality cancer health services in the fields of prevention, diagnosis, and treatment & rehabilitation of the patients.