How to assist Rahe Aseman

Rahe Aseman has paved simple and easy ways for you to show kindness.
Suffice to choose one of the following methods with the intention of helping cancer patients:

Scientific support

Depending on your specialty in related fields such as medicine, pharmaceuticals, laboratory sciences, etc., kindly express your readiness to cooperate with the Foundation and let us know how you will present your valuable support.

Service support

please indicate in the form below if you, our respected helper, are gifted with special skills and abilities in the fields of art, design, graphics, photography, filming, translation, advertising, writing, etc.

Joining Rahe Aseman

After filling out the form below, you will be one of Rahe Aseman’s helpers. The completed form will be registered in our system and a membership number will be assigned to it, and you will be provided immediately with a welcome message together with all of our contact channels.

Financial support

Cash Aid


You could kindly deposit your financial donation in the account number ...................................
Then, if you please, send your name, surname, contact number, and your benevolent aim & intention to the following email:
Donati @ 4c
So that the relevant receipt would be sent to you by our colleagues as soon as possible.

Equipment support

Comprehensive Cancer Combat Center

As our Comprehensive Cancer Combat Center is to be fully equipped,
if you please, you could either provide the Center with the required medical equipment, including equipment for mammography, sonography, endoscopy, colonoscopy, endosonography, urethroscopy, densitometry (bone density measurement) or take part in relevant expenditure.